When to maintenance car?

When to maintenance car?

When the car has symptoms such as: Turn on the air conditioner for a long time but not cool, the air conditioner is naturally cool, it is no longer cold … you should go for air conditioning maintenance.

The signs indicate that the car needs air conditioning maintenance

Firstly, cars go for a long time but have never checked the air conditioning system.

Second, the fan is loud but no wind is coming in, just “gulp”, a little cool and can be accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

Third, the car must start and roll for 10 minutes or more to get a little cold.

Fourth, the air conditioner is not deep; The vehicle stops or waits for the red light to have no coolness, only when the vehicle is moving does it get slightly cold.

Fifth, the air conditioner turns on and cool right away, but only after a while it’s heat, if the air conditioner turns off for a few minutes, it turns on, it turns on a bit cold and this phenomenon occurs often.

Check and maintain car air conditioners

Check the car air filter

Before you do maintenance on your car, check the air filter. Because the air filter is too dirty is the cause that obstructs the air circulation, reducing the performance of the air conditioning system.

Most car manufacturers encourage customers to change the air filter after about 2 years of use to ensure the car’s air conditioning works effectively.

Check car refrigeration system

After cleaning the air filter and still not making the air conditioner work better, you should take a thorough examination of the cooling system.

The way to check the refrigeration system is very simple, you just need to start the engine, keep the gas station at a long rpm of about 2,000 rpm and turn on the air conditioner at full capacity for 10 minutes.

Then, you put a thermometer on the air outlet or in front of the air conditioner while the air conditioner is operating at maximum capacity. If the air conditioning system is good, then after a few minutes, the temperature at the cold door should be at least 15 degrees C lower than the ambient temperature.

After 15 minutes of operating at full capacity, if the underneath of the vehicle and the gas pipeline to the compressor are dry and there is no standing water, there is a high chance that the amount of gas in the cooling system has decreased sharply.

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