What is the ABS system in cars

What is the ABS system in cars

ABS system

Anti-lock brakes system (English: Anti-Lock Brakes) or ABS system is a safety system present in some cars , and it works to increase the driver’s control of his vehicle while driving and prevent it from slipping, as this system works in conjunction with sensors linked to the wheels; When these sensors sense a risk of slipping as a result of the driver pressing the brake pedal, the system begins to increase the brake force hundreds of times.

ABS system shape

engine used in the vehicle in terms of the number of valves and the number of speed sensors, as follows:

Four-channel system and four sensors: This is one of the best types; It provides the control of each wheel separately to ensure maximum braking force, thanks to the fact that it has speed sensors on all four wheels as well as a separate valve for each.

Three-channel system and three sensors: This type of system provides complete control over the wheels of the front vehicle, thanks to each wheel having a separate valve and a special sensor, while the two wheels in the rear have a valve and a common sensor between them, which may lead to ineffective control of their brakes, as a result of the possibility of locking One of the wheels at a stop.

One channel system and one sensor: This system is similar to the triple control system in that it includes one valve for both rear wheels, which may result in ineffective lockout braking, as it also contains a single sensor that can be found near the electrical connection on the differential point on the rear axle The Car

Downsides of the ABS system

This system contains some problems and drawbacks, which may be represented in the following:

The potential for damage to the sensors, or the discharge valves to close.

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