Revealing useful little details on a car that few people know

Revealing useful little details on a car that few people know

Do not ignore the small useful details on cars mentioned in the article below, because they will help you reduce unexpected accidents.

Automatic transmission lock latch

This is a small detail on a car that few people notice, but it is quite an important role. Typically in emergency cases such as the car stalling, flooding, or having an accident but the engine cannot be turned on.

At this time, the driver can use objects such as keys, a screwdriver, … to press the unlock lever near the gear lever, so the gear lever moves easily without having to start the engine.

Child lock wiper

This is an important detail to help ensure the safety of children while traveling in the car. The use of the child lock switch is to prevent the child from unlocking it from the inside while the vehicle is moving on the road or while parking.

The specific location of the child lock switch is usually inside or along the body of the rear door of a car. This part is designed as a snorkel or a padlock so that it can be turned manually or by the key. When using this mode, the rear passenger cannot open the door from the inside, can only open the door from the outside.

Anti-glare mirror wiper

Luxury cars usually have automatic anti-glare mirrors, but with mainstream cars, they will not have this function. To solve the problem, the manufacturers designed a small pin behind the rearview mirror.

In daytime weather, drivers only need to make precise mirror adjustments. When traveling at night, the driver pushes the switch, the rear glass of the car acts as a reflection of light and weakens the light to prevent glare.

Danger warning lights

Hazard warning lights should only be used in hazardous situations or alerting other vehicles to danger. However, many car users still do not know this part, even long-time drivers.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, hazard warning lights are used in cases such as vehicle breakdown, roadside stop or in emergency situations such as uncontrollable brake loss …

In addition, the driver can also use it in unfavorable weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, … to make other vehicles in traffic easier to observe.

Indicator bar worn on car tires

This is an important detail but many drivers ignore when using a car. Tire wear readings (also known as bars) are placed in the main tracks and they are evenly spaced.

If the tire is worn out the length of the worn indicator bar, the driver should replace the tire with a new one. As recommended by the manufacturer, in case the driver is less, change the tire periodically every 6-7 years to ensure safety.

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